Frequently Asked Questions

1 – General information

How can I subscribe to Ekyagri?

Have a look at our offers and find one that meets your needs.

What’s Ekylibre?

Ekylibre is a start-up whose office is in Bègles (near Bordeaux, France). We develop an Open Source Farm Management Information System.

Why do you have chosen open source?

Ekylibre’s main reason  to develop open-source solutions is its conviction and philosophy. To learn more, visit our dedicated page.

What solutions does Ekylibre offer to farmers?

Ekylibre offers four web-based products for farmers:

  • Ekyagri, historically our main product, which allows a complete management of your farm, from crop management to accounting;
  • Ekyagri Premium, based on the Ekyagri, with the development of features tailored to your needs;
  • Clic&Farm, our easy-hand solution for crop management and traceability of crop production (field crops, vegetable farming, …);
  • Ekyviti, the all-in-one management software dedicated to producers in the wine and spirit industry.

What can we do with Ekyagri ?

With Ekyagri, you can completely manage your farm: from recording your purchases, managing your stocks to generate automatically your accounting and so much more.

From which device can I use Ekyagri?

You can use Ekyagri from any device with an internet connection (computer, tablet, smartphone). Moreover, all of our mobile apps work without internet network.

Which operating system and web-browser do I need to use Ekyagri?

You can use Ekyagri on every operating system equipped with a modern web-browser (Safari, Linux, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc) with the exception of Internet Explorer.

Is it possible to use Ekyagri and Clic&Farm on a mobile device?

Sure, two mobile applications are available:

  • Our mobile application Zéro for Ekyagri (for now, available on Android only);
  • Our mobile application Clic&Farm (Android and iOS) for the input of interventions directly from the fields (on offline mode).

What’s the price of your solutions?

Clic&Farm and its mobile application are free. More information concerning our offers and their prices here.

Is it possible to change the language used in Ekyagri?

Yes it is, Ekyagri is a multi-language solution. To change the language, go in the menu “Settings”, “My informations”, and choose the language in the drop-down menu.

Is it possible to use several currency in Ekyagri?

Yes it is, you can choose a currency other than the Euro. Go to the menu “Settings”, “Company settings”. Then you can change the currency in “Global Preferences”.

How can I estimate how much time I’m losing each year to administrative tasks?

We have created a tool helping you to estimate how much time and money you spend every year managing your farm.

Estimate now your Paperwork Mass Index.

2 – Subscription and data

Where can I discover and compare the different features of Ekylibre’s products?

Find and compare all offers right here.

Is it possible to change the login password of my farm, for a more secure one for example?

Yes it is, if you are the administrator of your farm on Ekyagri, go to the menu “Settings”, “My informations”, and change your password.

Can I unsubscribe at any time?

Sure, the subscription to Ekyagri is without obligation. You can unsubscribe as soon as you want. To unsubscribe, click on “Connection” on the top menu, then “My account”, then go in the drop-down menu “Manage my subscription” and click on “Unsubscribe”.

In case of difficulties, please contact our support team directly via live chat or email at

“I’m in charge of the management of several companies”, is it possible to group them all in the same subscription?

Unfortunately, as of today it is not yet possible to manage several companies in the same account (“multi-company” features).

If you need to manage the accounting of each company separately, you can’t create them on the same account. A subscription can only have one Ekyagri farm, and an Ekyagri farm can only be used for one set of accounting books.

What payment methods are available?

You can choose between:

  • Credit card;
  • SEPA Credit Transfer (SCT).

If you would like to choose the SEPA Credit Transfer, please contact our support team who will detail how to proceed.

When I record data about my farm on Ekyagri, what happens to it and who has access to it?

Don’t worry, you keep ownership of your data, and we guarantee its complete security, integrity and confidentiality.

Please be advised that if you unsubscribe, you have 15 days to ask our support team for a copy of all your data before we destroy it.

If I decide to delete my account, what happens to my data?

If you decide to delete your account, you have up to 15 days to ask our support team a copy of your data in a standardized format. After that period, they will be irreversibly and securely deleted.

More information in our data privacy policy.

I can’t log into my Ekyagri farm or my account on, what should I do ?

First, check if you are using the correct email address and its spelling.
If it’s correct, click on “forgot your password?” to receive an email with a link to reset your password. If you don’t receive this email, please check your spam folder.
If you’re trying to connect to your account on but you never confirmed your email when signing up, click on “Didn’t receive confirmation instructions?” to receive a new email with a link to confirm your email address. Once it’s confirmed, you should be able to log in.

3 – Features and use

Can several people be connected and use Ekyagri at the same time?

They can, Ekyagri is multi-user: there can be several users connected to Ekyagri and registering data at the same time. You can assign rights on each user to give them access to all of the product’s features or only part of them, depending on the user.

If you would like to do so, go to “Settings”, then “Users”; or read our online documentation.

Can I customize my dashboard?

Yes you can. Each dashboard can be customized to only show the information you want to see at first glance. To do so, go to the dashboard you want to customize (through the links in the upper navigation bar) then click on “Configure” and choose the dashboard cells you want to add among the drop-down list.

a – Relationships

Can I get the transaction history of each of my customers and suppliers?

Yes you can. Thanks to Ekyagri you can get all of your sales and purchases transaction history sorted by customers and suppliers. You can also follow up on your trade contacts.

How can I keep track of new customers and suppliers?

Go to the “Relationship” menu and add a contact for a person, and an organization for a company for example. Complete the information linked to the person or the the company, and check “Client” or/and “Supplier”. You can leave the boxes “Client account” and/or “Supplier account” blank, Ekyagri will fill them for you.

How can I add the employees working in my farm to the software?

First create a contact in “Relationship” (not an organization) with “Employee” checked. Then click on “Add a worker” and select a role for him. Fill in your worker’s info and click on “Create”.

Can I use Ekyagri to manage my workers’ payslips?

You can use Ekyagri to register the payment of wages, but you can’t generate your workers’ payslips through Ekyagri.

b – Accountancy

Can I use Ekyagri to exchange data with my accountant?

Thanks to Ekyagri you can securely share accounting data with your accountant or your accounting data center. You can export and share your data without interrupting your work and without any risk of inconsistency.

And conversely, you can integrate the validations or corrections made by your accountant. To initialize a data exchange with your accountant, please make sure that you registered your accountant in the software (as a new contact) and that you have filled in a correct email address when doing so.

For more information, consult our online documentation.

Can I keep track of my loans and my fixed assets?

Yes you can input your loans and fixed assets into Ekyagri. Ekyagri will then automatically generate the accounting for the loans and the fixed assets.

Can I import my account statement?

Ekyagri can import OFX documents provided by your bank, then the bank reconciliation will be done automatically.

To import your account statement, go to the menu “Accountancy”, then “Cashes” and “Import”.

Can I generate my VAT declaration with Ekyagri?

Ekyagri calculates the VAT amounts to help you fill in your VAT declaration.

Can I use my accountant’s accounting chart?

In Ekyagri you can already find the French general accounting plan and the agricultural chart of accounts, but you can also import another one. Please contact our support team via Chat or email at for more information.

Through which menu can I input accounting lines in Ekylibre?

It’s possible to input your accounting directly through the “Accountancy” menu, but the easiest way to handle accounting in Ekyagri is to simply input your sales and purchases, through the “Trade” menu, to get the most out of the features. Accounting entries will be automatically generated when you will input your sales and purchases.

Do I need to letter the accounts?

  • The accounts lettering will automatically be done if you input your invoices, your incoming payments and disbursements via the menu “Trade”.
  • If you input your accountancy via the menu “Accountancy” you will need to letter your accounts via “Accountancy”, “Account reconciliation”.

How can I make sure the accounting entries related to my loans are written?

Go to the menu “Accountancy” and “Loans” and check one or several loans you would like to have the accounting generated for. Then, click on “Accounting” with the desired date up to which it should be generated.

How can I transfer my accounting from Ekyagri to my accountant?

You have several possibilities. You can:

  • configure your financial years to send files to your accountant;
  • download and send every document in the “Accounting” menu (like journal recaps or the trial balance). When you display a document, you can see on the top right a wrench to download it in different formats;
  • go to the menu “Tools”, in “Exports” to save synthesis documents such as the French classical balance sheet.

Can I integrate into Ekyagri what my accountant generated on his accounting system?

Some documents from others accounting systems can be integrated to Ekyagri. To know which documents are compatibles, please contact our support team via Live chat or email at

I would like to generate my VAT declarations, how can I proceed?

Before making your VAT declaration, you must select your tax return method. To do so, go to the menu “Settings”, then in “Financial years”. Click to modify the financial year involved in the VAT declaration, and select the chosen tax return method. Save your changes by clicking on “Update”.

c – Trade

Can I customize the quotes, purchase orders and invoices with the graphic identity of my company ?

We offer customization services. For more information, please contact our support team via Live chat or email at

I made a mistake on an invoice and I need to delete it, how can I do ?

You can’t delete an invoice, the only way to proceed is to generate a credit note from the incorrect invoice (by clicking on the “cancel” button from the invoice screen). If you have any problems, please contact our support team via Live chat or email at

How can I get my company logo on the invoices?

Go to the menu “Settings”, “Company settings”. Click on “Browse” to search and select the logo of your company on your computer (you must select a .jpg, .jpeg or .png file).

d – Stocks

Is it possible to use Ekyagri to do inventory?

Yes it is, you can do inventory whenever you want. To do it, go in the menu “Stocks”, then “Inventories”.

I can see a product in my inventory (“Matters”) but I can’t find it when I want to use it in an intervention, why?

First, check that the date the product has been stocked in is before the intervention date. If your new product still doesn’t appear in the choices proposed in the intervention, please contact our support team via Chat or by email at

e – Production

Which type of cultures can Ekyagri deal with ?

Ekyagri was first developed to be adapted and adaptable for most farms, and so to be able to handle most of the productions (vegetable production, tree nursery, field crop, mixed cropping, livestock, etc).

Is Ekyagri suitable for wine growing/wine making operations?

With Ekyagri you can manage your vineyard and grape production, your sales and purchases, and your accountancy. We have developed an all-in-one solution dedicated to producers in the wine and spirit industry. For more details on Ekyviti, click here.

Is it possible to create my manure management plan with Ekyagri?

It’s not possible to handle your manure management plan on Ekylibre, but it’s been noted for projected developments.

How can I import my crop cartography in Ekyagri?

You have three different ways to import your crop cartography:

  • by importing your file;
  • drawing them by hand;
  • by importing a geographic file.

For more information, consult our online documentation.

Is it possible to estimate the costs of my production with Ekyagri?

Yes you can. Ekyagri is a technico-economic management system, so you can get the global cost of your productions, the detailed costs (workforce, inputs, equipment) per production or even per area or intervention for example.

Is it possible to plan interventions for my employees?

Yes it is, you can plan an intervention for your workers to perform (note that your employees must have been registered in the relationship menu first). To do so, go in the “Production” menu, then “Interventions”. Then click on “Add intervention request”.

For more information, consult our online documentation.

Which regulatory documents linked to the production can Ekyagri generate ?

You can export the animal husbandry register, the veterinary booklet, the intervention register, the land parcel register, and the phytosanitary register. To do so, go in the “Tools” menu then “Exports”. Choose one or several documents to export.