Together, let’s offer our farmers high added-value services for a modern and sustainable agriculture !

With its unique economic model, Ekylibre offers a wide range of collaborative possibilities with its partners. 
Cooperatives, Local Administrative Management Centres, associations, start-ups or specialized companies, our offers match all of your needs.


Economic and technical management of a farm

In France, become a distributor of the Ekyagri solution and swap data easily (SaaS mode)
From 50 farms
In France or abroad, become a distributor of the personalized Ekyagri solution and stay independent thanks to its open licensing system (PaaS mode)
  • Platform and means of payments
  • Possibility of a “white label” distribution system
  • Possibilities of customization
  • Free choice of hosting solution (dedicated server or cloud)
Offers Mode Cost | Commission fee *
Ekyagri SaaS From 100 €/month | From 20% commission x € turnover of distributed subscription/month
Ekyagri PaaS From 25 000 €/year
* Depending on the number of subscribed farms – Possibilities of customization

I wish to distribute a comprehensive technico-economic management tool to my customers/members.

I wish to distribute an information system dedicated to the vineyard, wine and spirits industry.


Economic and technical management of vineyards

Offers Mode Cost | Commission fee *
Ekyviti SaaS from 200 €/month | from 20%  commission x € turnover of distributed subscriptions/month
Ekyviti PaaS from 55 000€/year

*Depending on the  number of subscribed vineyards – Possibilities of customization


partner integrator

I wish to be a part of the technological evolution of Ekyagri and offer a custom-made agricultural management tool.

  • From anywhere in the world, become the expert adviser of your customers thanks to Ekyagri Premium
  • Next-day access to the source code.
  • Access to several levels of certifications provided by Ekylibre’s technical team.
  •  Full access to technical documentations.
  • From 990 € per year. 


I wish to sell Ekylibre products and services on my area

  • You carry out trainings to farmers on their premises
  • You have access to Ekylibre’s commercial kits
  • You receive a commission percentage for every sales generated


You work for a start-up or an innovative business serving the agricultural sector?
You wish to offer a new service, an interconnection with the solutions developed by Ekylibre?


You provide training to your customers, members or students ? 

Discover now all our training offers


Services Unit Price exl. VAT
Integration and software deployment Project development* (audit, setup, training, plug-in development, project management) Day 750 €
Rental and hosting of dedicated servers Month 250 €
Corrective and evolutive maintenance (Syntec January 2021) Month 872,45 €
Ekyagri Subscription service  (PaaS) Ekyagri subscription – Hosting at the partner’s place (Open Source model) Included : bug fixes, software updates and upgrades, performance, source code full access, documentation, partner support. Year from 25000 €
Installation service Package On request
Adaptation of reference data (Lexicon) depending on the country (phytosanitary products, fertilizers, seeds) Package On request
Support on demand Custom services (exchanger, document customization, accounting setup, specific imports, coaching…) Ticket (15 min) 15 €