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Open Source

"Open Source, above all a state of mind and a fundamental value at Ekylibre".
David Joulin, co-founder of Ekylibre and La Ferme Digitale.

At Ekylibre, we chose to develop and use open source tools.

Open Source Initiative
We speak of Open Source when the source code of the software is public and accessible so that it is modified and distributed by as many people as possible. Anyone has the opportunity to read, develop, copy itself the source code for free. However, the principle of Open Source implies the public reversion of the source code after improvement and / or modification of it. Open Source is governed by a Creative Commons license issued by Open Source Initiative.
Why Open Source?

  • Sharing and collaboration: preponderant value of Ekylibre.
  • Quality: the solution is tested and improved by the community of developers, farmers, enthusiasts...
  • Portability: the tools and applications created by developers are not related solely to the success of a particular company.
  • Compliance with standards: we are not in a logic of protection of license and we support standards corresponding to various projects Open source.
  • Continuous improvement and Innovation.
  • Re-use: we do not reinvent the wheel!
Where do the actual benefits lie for the farmer?

  • Better re-appropriation of digital tools.
  • More sustainable solutions.
  • Better accessibility thanks to the possibility of offering our low-cost solutions.
  • Interoperability, technical and technological principle of communication between the various tools and services present on farms.
  • Faster access to innovation for ever more efficient use.

White Paper: Free Models and Agriculture

written by Ekylibre, La Ferme Digitale and Aquinetic.

Free models and agriculture

"It is from common knowledge that agriculture was born"
H. Pillaud.

Philosophy of sharing and collaboration, evolving sector, emergence of new innovative projects... This white paper addresses all these aspects and much more. A book to consume / devour without moderation and to share with the greatest number!

This white paper is licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0.

Receive the white paper

64 pages, in French, in PDF format (159.6 MB)

The open source around you...