Ekylibre, serving the community

With the publication of free software, Ekylibre wanted to give rise to a community of farmers and employees sharing the same vision of cooperation and mutual assistance.

The desire to create a collaborative tool is driven by the conviction that we are more likely to contribute to the improvement of a product, the more it is reliable and effective.

Ekylibre also makes it a point to increasingly maintain and expand this active community.


Each member has the opportunity to express themselves, interact with the company or the other members on projects, in a spirit of sharing and transparency.

The forum

Open to all, it is dedicated to the development and improvement of tools. It allows to send requests to improve the tool, remarks or technical issues.

The wiki

We make this online knowledge base available to all developers and users. Find all the specifications, documentation and tutorials on Ekylibre tools.

The forge

The forge is our project management tool to design with and through you the evolution of Ekylibre. This platform ensure transparency and up-to-date information.

The videos

The team shows tutorials on the software and responds to questions from the community. The videos are available at any time on YouTube Ekylibre channel.

Social networks

They act as information relays conveying all news about the company and its projects to the community.


Ekylibre communicates monthly on news and events around the projects via the newsletter. Feel free to subscribe!