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  • Cash account management
  • Cash balance, charts and indicators
  • Check collection and bank remittance
  • Bank statements (creation, OFX import, bank reconciliation)
  • Internal transfer management


  • Fixed assets global management
  • Calculation of depreciation, amortized amount, net book value
  • Accounting entries generations (initial operations, amortization, discarded equipments, sales)
  • Automatic linking with purchases and equipments


  • Bank statements multi-banks (OFX)
  • Ledger (EBP)
  • Ledger and chart of accounts (EPICEA)
  • Ledger, fixed assets, chart of accounts (ISACOMPTA)


  • Accounting journal global management (by period and by type)
  • Daybook with period validation
  • Manual or automatic account lettering
  • Duplication and auto completion of journal entries
  • Automatic and manual accounting changeover


  • Loan management with interest rates, inssurances, guarantees
  • Accounting entries generations (releases, payment deadlines, early repayments)


  • Taxes, chart of accounts, accounting exercices, VAT periodicity


  • Accounting balance with previous financial years and General Ledger
  • Accounting editions and regulatory exports (FEC)
  • Closing accounting assistant with unfalsifiable pre and post closure electronically signed archive
  • Secure sharing and exchange of secure accounting flows
  • Editions and dashboards (general ledger, balance sheet and income statement)


  • Tax and VAT return frequency management
  • VAT return and payable tax amount tracking
  • Preparatory edition by rate and type of taxes
  • Management of projected budgets for each of the plant or animal activities
  • Production costs and net margins calculations by main activity
  • Dynamic simulator of equilibrium prices depending on each activities productivities, on employees and farmers salaries and on the funds/stock to allocate
  • Direct costs calculations depending on pre-configured technical itineraries (conventional vs organic, etc.)
  • Automatic distribution of indirect costs (support activities, salary costs, bank loans and fixed assets)
  • Monitoring of cash flow projected balances


  • Animals and herds management (addition, in/outputs, facility areas)
  • Interventions by animal types (milking, spawn, etc.)

Livestock files export

  • Export of livestock register (PDF)
  • Animal card (PDF)
  • Veterinary notebook (PDF)
  • Intervention register (PDF)

Livestock files import

  • Import of genealogy, progeny, location, interventions
  • Import of variable indicators (dairy production, net mass, etc.)

Crop management export

  • Export of intervention register, traceability book, phytosanitary book (PDF)

Crop management import

  • Plot map import


  • Cartography of cultivable zones, plots and cultures
  • Comprehensive views by culture (geolocation, costs, activities, interventions, incidents, gradings, countings, etc.)

Crop management production

  • Management of activities by campaign
  • Budget management (activities/culture budget, estimated budget by activity)
  • Calculation of cost production, global costs by activity, by hectare farmed, by hectare worked
  • Intervention management : planning, achievement, monitoring, validation
  • Management of phytosanitary regulatory information
  • Management of crop rotations by campaign
  • Agronomical itineraries
  • Management of working times and materials in real time


  • Management of analysis
  • Management and entry of on-field observations with mobile app
  • Incident management (geolocation, priority, gravity, picture) with mobile app
  • Calculation and management of gradings (in field stocks, yields, marketable weight, quality monitoring)
  • Management of counting (Theoretical density, counting completed)


  • Sensor management (weather sensors, spraying tracking)

Crop management settings

  • Employees management (activities, interventions, time spent by activity)
  • Equipments management (age, worked duration, variant, state, storage place)
  • Management and monitoring of facilities, areas
  • Dashboard customization


  • Mass payment invoices by date and supplier
  • Accounting reconciliation – Passage of balance to loss / Profit – accounting regularization
  • Bundling of invoices by third
  • Purchase management (workflow orders <> receptions <> invoices)


  • Order management (workflow : orders <> receptions <> invoices)
  • Duplication, customizable order edition

Purchases payments

  • Disbursement management
  • Disbursement management by batch of invoices (cheque, SEPA export)

Purchases settings

  • Setting of purchase types (journal, accountancy, currencies)
  • Disbursement modes
  • Subscriptions management


  • Sales cycle management – Customer Relationship Management

Sales payments

  • Cash inflows management
  • Bank cashing management


  • Sales and billing global management
  • Customizable edition of estimates, quotations, orders and invoices
  • Passage of balance to loss / regularisation
  • Workflow quotations / shipments / sales

Sales settings

  • Sales type and receipt mode


  • Subscription management


  • Management of roles and user access


  • Product catalogue (category, type, product variants, prices)

Production settings

  • Management of team-mates, buildings, building areas, installations

Settings parameters

  • Company settings, general preferences, interface, cartography, cost accounting
  • Management of partner connexion
  • Map layer management
  • Settings of document models, naming formats, custom fields, labels, sequences
  • Account preferences and theme


  • Edition of delivery forms


  • Management of pending orders and delivery note
  • Reconciliation of delivery note with purchase invoices


  • Shipment management


  • Global stock management (new materials, goods movements)
  • inventory management by product categories
  • On-field inventory with the mobile app
  • Edition of goods receipt note, inventory, delivery book, stock situation
  • Parcel – product traceability (batch numbers)

Thirds settings

  • Postal areas, administrative areas


  • Customer / suppliers card
  • Events / Calendar / Third history
  • Merge / Links / Exports
  • Employment contracts and salary management


  • Electronic archives and documents management


  • Tailored extractions
  • Export of plot monitoring documents
  • Export of breeding record
  • Export of accounting documents (journal, ledger, balance sheet, income statement)
  • Export of management documents (detailed production costs, product information, collaborators timetable register)
  • Export of hygiene documents (veterinary register)
  • Files import management (plots, equipments, contacts, analysis, accountancy, etc.)
  • AGRO-EDI import management (working period, interventions)


  • CAP declarations import for many years