An all-in-one software

Products all in one

An offer for every farm

Ekylibre is tailored to each operation, regardless of its size or activity.

Subscribe online to suit your needs.

Subscription is scalable and can be adjusted over development operations.

  1. Accounting
  2. Customer and partner relationship management
  3. Stock management
  4. Commercial management: purchase and sale
  5. Traceability of production

    Simplify your operations management

    Crop planning

    Ekylibre is a web-application, multi-user and accessible from any computer, smartphone or tablet.

    Ekylibre allows to follow in real time the farmer on his farm.

    • Single tool, simple and complete
    • Foreclosures mutualised
    • Affordable price
    • Saves time
    • Community
    • Durability

    Ekylibre beyond software

    Beyond nomen

    Open Nomenclature

    Open Nomenclature is an open database that centralizes and defines a common reference to facilitate data exchange.

    Beyond agric


    Agric is a set of free vector icons on the theme of agriculture that complements those provided by Font Awesome.

    Beyond gof

    Game of Farms

    Game of Farms is a serious game platform aiming to facilitate learning how to manage a farm.