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Together, we offer our farmers high value-added services
for a modern and sustainable agriculture!

Why become Ekylibre partner?

You work with farmers and you want to develop your services
to better meet their expectations? Become an Ekylibre partner .


Design an innovant tool

Use our professional and technical experts to help you design innovative services or applications in line with the expectations of your farmers.


Exchange data with farmers

Connect your solutions to the Ekylibre platform in order to transmit or receive technical and / or economic data from farmers with their authorization.


Train on farm management

Conduct training sessions with farmers about farm management on-line or via our training platform or our serious game Game of Farms.


Sell Ekylibre solutions

Develop your market and turnover by bringing or distributing Ekylibre solutions to farmers while offering them promotional offers.


Deploy Ekylibre

Install, configure and customize Ekylibre solutions specifically for your farming customers, and stay up-to-date about our technologies and our roadmap.

They are already Ekylibre partners


Remote sensing by drone for precision farming.

Axe environnement

Support for the implementation of good environmental practices.


Centers of Initiatives for Valorising Agriculture and the Rural Environment.


Supervision of crops, agronomy and precision irrigation.


The first digital CETA to drive your farm.


Leader in high resolution basement imaging.

Naio technologies

Agricultural robots, viticulture to help farmers.

Nexxtep technologies

Solutions for accelerating digital transformation.

Piloter sa ferme

Secure the marketing of your cereals in 5min / week.


Weather forecast on France, Europe and the World.

Votre machine

The first site for renting agricultural equipment between farmers.


Supplier of agronomic and meteorological solutions

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