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Together, let's offer our farmers high value-added services
for a modern and sustainable agriculture !


Join our partners network and let's move on alongside.

We offer several kinds of partnerships.

Team up with Ekylibre.

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Kind of partnership wanted :

They already trust us


E-commerce website for farms supplying.


Remote sensing using drones for precision farming.

Axe environnement

For environmental good practices.

Civam 64

Initiatives center to promote agriculture and rural environment.


Leader in basement high resolution imaging.


Vegetable producer in Landes, organic carrots leader in France.

Naïo Technologies

Agricultural robots, wine-making to help farmers.

<span class="translation_missing" title="translation missing:">Name</span>

Commercial and logistics management software for local food systems.


Weather forecasts for France, Europe and Worldwide.


Agronomical and meteorological solutions provider.

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Services Unit Pre-tax UP
Training and coaching Partner training "Technique and professions" (2 ppl. min) Day/pers. 500 €
  Individualized coaching "Selling the solution" Hour 90 €
  Farmers training “Users flow” (4 ppl. min and 10 ppl. max) Day/pers. 250 €
Web development Development/customization Hour 100 €
  Technical support Hour 100 €
Integration and software deployment Project development** (audit, setup, training, plug-in development, project management) Day 550 €
  Fixed price development** (minor improvements, data treatment) Hour 100 €
  10 tickets*** 950 €
  20 tickets*** 1850 €
  30 tickets*** 2800 €
  50 tickets*** 4600 €
  Rental and hosting of dedicated servers Month 250 €
  Corrective and evolutive maintenance (base Syntec index january 2018) Month 860 €
Clic And Farm Subscription Service Clic & Farm Subscription - partner hosting (free model)
Included: bug fix, software update, MnN, performance, source code, documentation, partner support
Year Beginning at 7800 €
Installation service on the partner system (technical requirements) Package 650 €
* Full Time Equivalent
** The prices are provided for information purposes only for an example of a project of less than 100 days. They can decrease depending on the size of the project (amount of days and hours)
*** 1 ticket = 1 hour