Discover the features of our application Clic&Farm aimed to simplify crop management.

  • Addition and management of crops
  • Crop geolocation and cartography
  • Plot cutting
  • Traceability management
  • Intervention viewing and validation
  • Addition of interventions via mobile app (offline)
  • Addition and management of tools, equipments, operators
  • Reference sytem of seeds, fertilizers, phytosanitary products
Cultivation register
  • Cultivation register edition (.pdf)
Phytosanitary register
  • Phytosanitary register edition (.pdf)
  • Article creation and management
  • Company settings
  • User access management
Crop rotation
  • Crop management
  • Reference system of cultures

Application mobile

It is available for iOS and Android and easy to use. You have to create your plots and your crops before downloading the app. By simplifying the entry of all interventions, the Clic&Farm application allows farmers to win office work time and becomes an essential tool, complementary to the online version.

All plots, equipments, products and third parties are automatically synchronized with your Clic&Farm web farm. Just select these informations with your fingertip. You have to create your plots and your crops before downloading the app. Indicators warn you in case of unapproved dose overflow or mixing when spraying. Quantities are converted to the unit of your choice and totals are calculated based on the area worked-on.

Everything works off-line and can be synchronized manually with your web farm.